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W Series 15kg Barbell

W Series 15kg Barbell

W Series – Women’s 15kg Barbell

Smooth spin and consistent whip are two of the characteristics of the W Series 15kg Barbell that make it the perfect Women’s Barbell for Olympic lifting. The 4 needle bearing construction allows easy manoeuvrability for athletes performing at their highest level. Our finest knurling allows for a secure and comfortable grip throughout a repetitive Olympic lifting program.


The leading feature of the W Series Barbell is the aesthetically pleasing black oxide shaft which also protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling. The W Series bar is a fantastic peice of training equipment for your set up. It is complimented by the premium Xpeed Bumper plates.


Preferred use for this barbell is cross training, olympic lifting and powerlifting. A great training tool to help you gain lean body mass, drop fat and improve your general fitness and health.




– Good whip

– Black Oxide shaft

– 15kg weight

– 41.5cm loadable sleeve

– 4 x needle bearings w/ brass bushing

– Knurl is a fine feel

– Dual hand position markings



– Full Length: 220cm

– Shaft Length: 133cm / Shaft Diameter: 25mm

– Sleeve Length: 41cm / Sleeve Diameter: 48mm

– Max Rating: 600kg

– Sleeve Rotation: 4 x Bearings + 1 x brass bushing


Whip Rating: (Elastic response of bar)

– Good



2 year manufacturers construction warranty.

Xpeed Lifting Chalk

Xpeed Lifting Chalk

Xpeed Lifting Chalk – 55gms

Lift heavier for longer, improve your grip and protect against skin tears with Xpeed Lifting Chalk. With the surge in popularity of powerlifting looking likely to continue, take your training to the next level with this handy training aid. Many powerlifters prefer the sensory feedback they get when using chalk compared to gloves. Lifting chalk soaks up the moisture on your palms and hands which helps create a thin layer between your skin and the barbell. This layer prevents potential skin tears, particularly on calluses.

Buy one block or stock up and buy a box of 8 blocks and save.

– Quality Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block
– Improve comfort and security during training sessions
– Great for use wirh kettlebells, power rings, chin-up bars and weight lifting
– Maximise your grip

Prone Row Bench

Prone Row Bench & Custom Barbell

Prone Row Bench – Xpeed

Simple and effective with small foot print. This custom Prone Row bench hits the desired outcome for the pulling movement, whilst having a stunningly small foot print. The bench itself sits within 1m square, with the included custom bent barbell spanning 172cm. Most prone or pull benches on the market are large, cumbersome and aesthetically challenged. Initially made privately for a client, the success and subsequent orders for this custom bench have lead it to be added to the Xpeed commercial range. This is a made to order item. Shipping may take 1-5 business days.



Designed to target the muscles of your middle and upper back, the Prone Row bench allows you to concentrate on the pulling motion, one of the core fundamental movement patterns. As a result, you’ll strengthen the muscles of the upper back whilst using multiple muscles in synergy. The included custom bent barbell also allows the athlete to hit a full range of motion.


The bench itself is perfect for athletes of any size. In particular it is a very popular bench for AFL and Rugby players, who require significant conditioning of the middle and upper back muscles.




– Made in South Australia

– Matte Black finish

– Material – Steel

– Vinyl cover, heavy duty crumb foam inner

– L: 94.5cm – W: 61cm – H: 88cm – Bar length: 172cm

– 22kg



– 5 year frame warranty

– 90 day upholstery warranty.


Ab Mat

Xpeed Ab Mat

If you’ve ever done the CrossFit workout ‘Annie’ you would have been introduced to an ab mat. Used to fill the space between the floor and the lumbar arch of the spine, they offer support and allow activation of the lower abdominals during sit-ups. Therefore, training without them can add extra stress on the spine and result in an incomplete movement.


Simplicity is the biggest selling point of this training aid. Put the mat on floor, place it under the small of your back and do supported sit ups. The bonus is an increased range of motion. More control and more comfort for this repetitive motion. The ab mat can even be used for things like jackknifes and lateral bends.


As a result, we advise using an ab mat for all your floor based ab exercises if they’re new to your routine. For example, the butterfly sit up is an exercise that benefits from this handy training tool.



–  Black PVC with high density eva foam

– Handy training tool, light and easy to transport.

– 40cm (l) x 30cm (w) x 9cm (h) arch

Torso Trainer

Torso Trainer

Torso Trainer with Row Handle

Strengthen your core with the new Xpeed Torso Trainer. Ideal for all types of rotational torso training as well as upper body training.
Great for landmine exercises including squats, sumo squats, shoulder press, lunges, one arm bent-over rows, and bent-over rows using the Row Handle.

• Portable enough for use in the gym, at home, or outside
• The multi-directional swivel allows you to do rotational exercises and presses.
• The heavy angled base is specifically designed to fit in the corner of your gym to prevent movement while training
• Compatible with both Olympic barbells and 28mm standard barbells
• Row Handle is included, suits Olympic Bar

• Increase Core Strength and Stability
• Increase Shoulder Strength
• Increase Leg Strength and explosive power
• Develop Rotational Strength
• Develop Upper Body Mobility

• Manufactured using high gauge steel
• Stylish matte black powder coat finish
• Heavy Base for less movement or sliding
• Row Handle included

Tech Specs:
Product Weight: 16kg
Carton Weight: 17kg
Carton Dimensions: H59 x W42 x D17cm

12 Months

*Please note – barbells and weight plates are not included

Interlocking Floor Mats

Interlocking Floor Mats (30mm)

Interlocking Floor Mat

The Xpeed Interlocking Floor Mats are made of durable and non-toxic eco-friendly EVA foam. Elevate your floor space with with these shock absorbing cushions for hard surfaces. The interlocking foam is easy to assemble and it comes with an optinal squared border. As a result you’ll make the ends of your floored space neat and tidy, as oppesed to exposed interlocking sections.

Moreover, the interlocking floor mats can be used for commercial or residentail spaces as they are desigend to be durable. Therefore, they can be used as gym mats, tumbling mats, exercise mats, yoga mats or as playroom mats. If you’re looking for a harder gym floor surface try our premium Xpeed Rubber Tiles.


– Light weight, durable, non-toxic EVA foam.
– The T strip design means the mats are waterproof and non-slip.
– Clean easily with detergent and water.
– The interlocking style is easy to assemble.
– Use these wonderful shock absorbing foam tiles anywhere!


Xpeed Climbing Rope (6m)

Xpeed Climbing Rope

Looking to add some serious grip strength and upper body conditioning into your life? Look no further than the Xpeed 6 metre climbing rope.


Just want to try something new or need to master the rope climb for a WOD? The climbing rope is such a great training tool for both your body and your mind. Moreover, it’s a terrific full body workout because you have to use your legs, core arms and upper back. The rope compliments other cross training equipment such as bumper plates, sleds and wall balls.


Every purchase of the climbing rope receives a free box of Xpeed Lifting Chalk

Lifting chalk


We recommend using a crash mat on the floor to help prevent the chance of injury.


Here’s a great instructional video from NorCal Cross Fit.



– Rubber end cap to prevent fraying

– Reinforced hanging hook

– Weighs 4.4kg

– 51cm length, width 19cm, height 18cm.

– Made from sisal


Hex DB Xpeed

Hex Rubber Dumbbell Range (sold individually)

Rubber Hex Dumbbell

The Order quantity for the Hex Dumbbells is in single units. Which means if you require a pair please order 2 units.

There’s a few reasons why hex dumbbells are one of the most popular gym products around.  The infamous rubber coating reduces noise in the gym and not only that it improves the life cycle of the dumbbells themselves. Coatings such as chrome or cast iron are also prone to chipping, in addition, rubber coated dumbbells are kinder on different gym floor surfaces. Experience icreased comfort and improved durability during your workouts thanks to the contoured dumbbell handle. A key safety feature is the hexagonal shaped ends, which are designed to stop the dumbbells from rolling away on the floor or falling off of the dumbbell rack. As a reslut the potential risk for injury is lowered and the overall gym emperience is positive.


Product details

– Ergonomically contoured chromed and knurled dumbbell grip

– Commercial grade

– Embossed weight identification in kg’s

– Wide range of sizes available

– Hexagonal design prevents dumbbell from rolling

– Wide range of sizes available

– Range of complete dumbbell sets and racks available



– Once your product is added to cart click ‘View Cart’.

– Enter your postcode at cart to see shipping costs.


Hex Warranty

– Loosening of commercial style dumbbells is considered normal wear and therefore it is not covered under warranty. A limited 1 year warranty applies to the structural integrity
– Rubber Hex dumbbells have a 1 year warranty on the structural integrity only. The coating is not covered under warranty.

    Xpeed Uppercut Bag

    Uppercut Bag

    Uppercut Bag

    The ideal training bag for home or gym use, especially when space is a concern or to take advantage of extra wall space. Throw every offensive weapon in your arsenal with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, straight shots, elbow strikes, kicks, knees and much, much more. Professionally contoured full grain leather bag is triple stitched at the seams and comes complete with raised target zones for top level training.

    Professional Boxing Mitts

    Professional Boxing Mitts

    Professional Boxing Mitts

    High Grade Leather Shell
    A lightweight leather shell will provide the boxer with a glove that can withstand the rigours of boxing and the toughest of training sessions day after day.
    Webbed Thumb
    The webbed thumb will provide the boxer with thumb protection and maintain correct hand position while also preventing any eye injuries for a training partner.
    Injection Moulded Foam
    A one piece injection moulded foam will provide the boxer with a comfortable shape and cushioning to the glove while still providing strong and sturdy support.
    3” Elasticised Wrist Strap
    The thick, elasticised wrap is designed to give the boxer the the tightest and strongest wrist support and prevent any wrist flex when landing punches.

    Available in : Small-Medium And Large-XLarge

    Leather Weight Belt

    Xpeed Leather Weight Belt

    Have a better and safer workout with the Xpeed Leather Weight Lifting Belt! When lifting weights, always support your back with our professional lifting belt!

    It is always safety first during your weight lifting workout. Xpeed Leather Weight Lifting Belt is made from genuine leather for extra durability and strength. The dual tongue buckle is strong and assures that your belt will remain secure throughout your workout.

    One Size Fits All


    PVC Dumbbells – Xpeed Range

    Build muscle mass and maintain your upper body strength from home with the Xpeed PVC Dipped Dumbbell range. Great whether you are weight training or just staying fit, these weights are dipped in coloured PVC so they are comfortable to handle as well as providing good grip for sweaty hands.

    Great for Training

    These dumbbells have been designed to assist in a wide range of training and fitness exercises. These include strength training, flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination. They are great for developing deltoids, biceps, triceps or just overall fitness and upper body definition.

    Colour Coded

    Each weight level of these PVC dumbbells is colour coded so you can easily tell exactly how much weight you are training with. The colours and weights are: 0.5kg in pink, 1kg in purple, 1.5kg in green, 2kg in yellow, 2.5kg in red, 4kg in grey and 5kg in black.

    Each dumbbell sold separately.

    Tear Drop Bag

    Tear Drop Bag

    Tear Drop Bag
    Rag filled bag made from the highest quality PU, 1500gsm, never tear material and comes with a chain swivel.

    Designed specifically for Muay Thai stand-up, clinching, kneeing, punching, and kicking drills with the unique teardrop shape to simulate an opponent Premium construction heavy-duty water-resistant and non-tear  lining.

    Xpeed Uppercut Bag

    Uppercut Bag

    Uppercut Bag

    The ideal training bag for home or gym use, especially when space is a concern or to take advantage of extra wall space. Throw every offensive weapon in your arsenal with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, straight shots, elbow strikes, kicks, knees and much, much more. Professionally contoured full grain leather bag is triple stitched at the seams and comes complete with raised target zones for top level training.

    Xpeed Ankle & Wrist Weight

    Additional weight added to your ankle or wrist will make your muscles work overtime & increase explosive power.

    –  Develops, strengthens & tones muscles.
    –  Ideal for all sports training.
    –  Durable 50mm Velcro closure.


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