Gladiator Bench Press (2018)


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The ideal home gym set up, the Xpeed Gladiator Weight Bench allows you to workout your whole body on one station.


Gladiator Bench Press (2018)

The Gladiator Bench Press is the ideal home gym set up because it’s functionality allows you to work your whole body thanks to its simple and elegant design. It is easy to use and easy to set up with the ability to work your entire chest thanks to several different positions from decline, flat and incline. Five back pad positions help you isolate and develop all areas of pectorals and adjustable-height bar catches allow you to position your body in the perfect place throughout your bench press workout. This optimises safety and maximises your workout time.

The leg developer has contoured foam roller pads which helps you focus on developing your major leg muscles. The bench comes with detailed instructions for quick and easy assembly, right out of the box.


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