Wooden Balance Board


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Strengthens core and upper body with sitting and push up exercises

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Xpeed Wooden Balance Board

Balance Board would be excellent in any physiotherapy department or for anyone who requires regular use of a balance board.  Xpeed balance board has a 12 degree tilt and is recommended for beginner to intermediate users. Ideal for all types of rehabilitation and sports people and is built to last. Ideally suited for physio departments, sports/rehabilitation centres and home use. Wobble Boards or Balance Boards can help retrain proprioception (the sense of balance) after injury, preventing further injury and ensuring a speedy return to sport.

–  Ideal for developing your ability to perform everyday tasks or taking your sporting performance to the next level
–  Lead your regular exercises beyond your current realm by performing them in association with the Balance Board
–  Improve your core strength and stability simply by standing on a Balance Board
–  Provide an overall toning exercise for your entire body
–  Strengthen knees and ankle surrounding muscles


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