Xpeed Training Bumper Plates


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5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg & 25kg



Xpeed Training Bumper Plates – 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg & 25kg

If you are serious about your training then you need some serious gear.

The New Xpeed Strength Range is rapidly becoming a true leader in quality strength equipment, the newly designed Xpeed Training Bumper Plates are no exception!
The Xpeed Training Bumper Plates offer you a high quality, heavy-duty weight plate without blowing out the budget on price.
Xpeed has designed their bumper plate range to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) standards.
Each plate has a 450mm plate outer diameter and 50.4mm bore diameter.
With the new advanced design the New Xpeed range of bumper plates have been manufactured with a higher density therefore limiting the bounce.
The new Xpeed bumpers also offer a compact width allowing the user to fit more weight on the bar.

The Xpeed Bumper Plate Range have a nice smooth finish and are complimented nicely with stylish markings printed on the plate to display both the Xpeed brand plus the weight of each plate in kg.
The print on the Xpeed bumper plates is in colour relevance to the size making them easily recognisable from a distance.
According to IWF specifications, each plate is marked as follows:
5kg is represented by White, 10kg in Green, 15kg in Yellow, 20kg in Blue and 25kg in Red.

Why should I use Xpeed Training Bumper Plates?
Bumper plates or as they are commonly called “Bumpers” are Olympic-sized weight plates that are made of a thick, dense rubber.
Bumpers allow a loaded bar to be dropped safely without risk of damaging your lifting platform, the plates themselves, or the floor of your home gym.

IWF standard 50.4mm inner and 450mm outer diameters
IWF standard colour specific weight plate identification
Made from high density durable rubber to limit the bounce for safer use
Quality smooth finish and stylish colour specific print
Compact thickness allows for more plates to be loaded on the bar

Perfect diameter size gives the ideal dead-lifting height
All plates are the same diameter which allows the plates to sit better on your bar
The durable rubber plates can be dropped minimising damage to your floor, lifting platform and the plates themselves
High quality rubber will give greater life to the plate as they are less likely to crack or break like a cast iron plate
They look the part in any strength training gym

The Xpeed Bumper Plate range is truly a high class, a superbly finished product which will certainly be a great asset to your gym helping you gain that extra edge in your training regime.

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Weight 25 kg

5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg